Fighting Bobrisky Amounts To Rolling In Mud – Tonto Dikeh

Actress Tonto Dikeh has explained how disgusted she feels whenever she is involved in hostility with her ex best friend Bobrisky.

Speaking in an Instagram live video with Media personality Daddy Freeze, the actress said she counter-attacks her ex friend because of necessity and fun not because she enjoys it.

She claimed that unlike her, Bobrisky has refused to move on from their smeared friendship and uses every opportunity to slander her.

She also said that the socialite is clearly obsessed with her and he shouldn’t be

Tonto Dikeh said: “I actually really don’t want to talk about Bob. You knw we actually had a conversion on this. I said talking about Bob or fighting Bob is like physically rolling in the mud

“Every time I do that; I physically feel dirty. I hate myself for a few seconds but it’s necessary. Where is the fun in that if I don’t drag him a little bit but I don’t really care about him.

“You will never see me in a topic where they are calling ‘shim’, dragging ‘shim’ and I come and speak.

Why will I want to do that?

“I am one of those people that, if I am done with you I want to be done with you.
I mentally have a burial for you in my head. I have a funeral for you in my head.
You are gone and you are forgotten

“Where is the fun in that if I don’t drag him?
Like there is no time he doesn’t want to jump on the plane where he has to be in my name and it is also irritating

“The obsession is bad, I watch a lot of true crime you know and obsession can be very dangerous, don’t obsess over me like that. It’s wrong.”


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