Fashion News: High-street brands accused of selling real fur as fake

TK Maxx, Boohoo and Amazon are the centre of a new investigation

Boohoo, TK Maxx and Amazon have reportedly sold real fur items as fake.

Sky News, which has been investigating the subject for eight months, found that a £5 pair of Boohoo earrings featured mink when the brand claimed to be using faux fur. The online retailer was also accused of using real rabbit fur in two pairs of bridal shoes, despite its no fur policy.

“We are very disappointed that on this occasion our high standards have been breached by the suppliers from who these items have been sourced,” said Boohoo via a statement.

“The items in question were immediately removed from sale and the breach of the policy and its standards is being investigated as a matter of urgency.”

TK Maxx, a company that claims not to have sold real fur since 2003, was also found to have sold coats and keyrings, both of which featured animal fur. Furthermore, the investigation revealed that Amazon and Groupon were guilty of the same issue.

“All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account,” said Amazon. “The products in question are no longer available.”

MPs and charity campaigners are now calling for a fur import ban in the UK.

“Brexit gives us the opportunity to close our borders to the cruel, unnecessary and outdated fur trade,” said Claire Bass, executive director at Humane Society International, the charity that worked with Sky on the investigation.

“We banned fur farming in the UK back in 2000, because it was deemed unethical. Why are we now paying countries like China and Poland to keep animals in those exact same conditions?”



Source: Harper’s bazaar


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