Fans Think Kylie Jenner and Drake Are Dropping Hints About Their Relationship on Instagram

*Weeks after the Kylie Jenner and Drake dating rumors cooled off, fans are now convinced the pair are dropping hints about dating.

*The proof lies in two Instagram posts: One from Drake, one from Kylie.

Just when you thought those Kylie Jenner and Drake dating rumors died down, surprise! Fans of the rumored couple are doing literally any and everything in their power to connect the dots and confirm the existence of their relationship, despite the fact that Kylie and Drake will probably never say a single word about their status—sorry ’bout it, y’all!

why fans are thinking that Kylie and Drake are dropping not-so subtle hints about their fling. A few days ago on Instagram, Drake posted a rather weird picture of him in a white Nike cap and a navy blue hoodie sweatshirt. Doesn’t sound too incriminating, right?

Welp, the hoodie says Sierra Canyon on it, which is legit the name of the high school that Kylie attended as a teen….so yeah, that looks hella sus. And that very white hat was kissed by a voluminous pair of lips that may be hinting at Kylie’s famous lip kits, which is probably what Drake was referencing by using a kissy lips emoji to caption his pic.

If you’re thinking Well, that’s totally not enough to say they’re dropping hints about each other!, lemme finish. Kylie uploaded a picture of Kylie Cosmetics HQ to show off two new vending machines she has in the office. On the right, Kylie has a custom Skittles machine, but on the right, it’s a machine that dispenses ~champagne~ only. Naturally, this got fans thinking that Kylie was hinting at her fling with Drake, because Drake’s nickname is Champagne Papi, duh!

“Damn you and drake are foreal,” a commenter wrote under Kylie’s post, while someone else wrote “Drake and Kylie???” A different user suggested Kylie to “add Papi at the end ????” of her pic caption, because this is certainly shady.

Last time I checked, it appeared that Kylie and Drake don’t have a major commitment to one another right now. “Kylie doesn’t seem to be dating,” a source told People last month. “She sees Drake occasionally, but it doesn’t seem serious. She could be doing it just to make Travis jealous.” Looks like we’ll just have to patiently wait for new developments!



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