Du Eyes plans compensation for customers affected by network outage

Du Eyes plans compensation for customers affected by network outage

… assures customer satisfaction is key priority

Dubai Telecom operator du has confirmed that it is planning to compensate mobile phone users in the UAE who were inconvenienced during a six-hour outage on Sunday.

In a statement sent to Gulf News, the company said it is exploring some options to remunerate its affected customers, adding that the satisfaction of its clients is a key priority.

“We are currently looking into the best possible ways to compensate our customers who were affected by the mobile services degradation,” the statement reads.

When asked what form of compensation the customers will get, a spokesperson said the matter has yet to be finalised. Du assured that it continues to work towards offering better services to UAE residents.

“Customer satisfaction is our key priority, and we are constantly in the process of enhancing our network and service standards, so that our customers are able to enjoy a superior and seamless user experience.”

For nearly six hours on Sunday, a major outage disrupted du’s network services, preventing hundreds of mobile phone users from connecting to the internet or making and receiving calls and text messages.

Complaints were mainly from mobile phone users, with residents subscribed to the telecom operator’s home services saying they didn’t notice any disruption. The issue was resolved on Sunday afternoon.

“We identified the root cause and our technical teams responded swiftly to resolve it. We apologise for the inconvenience,” du had said.


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