Don’t get distracted and disillusioned by the fake life you see all over social media… Koffi

Don’t get distracted and disillusioned by the fake life you see all over social media… Koffi

Koffi Idowu-Nuel, a graduate of chemistry from the University of Lagos popularly called Koffi Tha Guru aka Beast of Comedy is one of Nigeria’s most versatile entertainer, Comedian, Actor, Singer, Playwright and producer. Best Comedian of the year Dynamix Awards 2006, Best Comedian Music 2006 Nigerian Comedy Awards. Winner Best comedy movie with The Nanny at Best of Nollywood awards 2013 and Abuja International Film Festival.

He is the host of the television comedy magazine programme “Funny Moments with Koffi’Tha Guru'”, and the Yoruba comedy variety show “Awada Express”. He also hosts the radio show “Yeye Avenue”, every Thursday on Radio One FM.

Koffi who has over the years organised and produced several comedy concerts is also known for his numerous alter ego characters which includes Nanny Constance Nightingale, the elderly Chief Adissa, the Area boy Muta, Revd. John Jonathan Jones amongst many others. A short skit series “Unlike father Unlike son”, amongst others can be viewed on YouTube along with some of his music videos.

Koffi has the highest number of music videos ever by a Nigerian comedian (40).

In this interview with Acada Magazine’s Sunday Obembe, he speaks about his new projects, secrets of staying on top amongst others.


Having stayed relevant in the Nigeria entertainment industry for close to two decades or more, what is your winning secret?

God actually, and the ability to adapt with new ideas.

You are a comedian, singer among other endeavours, what part do you prefer most and why?

Comedy. Music helps me relax and expand the brand.

Can you in details talk about your journey to the top of your game?

Being original and consistent. Birthing new ideas and rejuvenating when necessary amidst the ability to work with others. I hardly see myself as being at the top of the game because I wake up everyday discovering new parts of me I want to share with the world.


What are the lessons you have learnt from the experience?

Not to deviate from ones true self. Be you.

You just dropped a single featuring Terry Apala and Ruggedman, what inspired the song? 

The need to encourage Nigerians to believe in who we are.

What instigated the choice of artistes you featured?

A mutual understanding of their values and how it would bring beauty to each particular song.

What is your take on many young people who are rushing into entertainment with the mindset that it’s a quick way to stardom and relevance?

Time always separates the wheat from the shaft, I believe everyone especially young people should try their hands out on different ventures before discovering their true self.

As a person who are your role models?

God, Son and Holy Spirit

What is your philosophy about life?

Live and let’s live. Do good unto others

What other things are you working on presently?

My new album “Colourborations” drops on December 10th.

What is your message to young Nigerians in the face of the present challenges we are faced with as a nation?

Don’t get distracted and disillusioned by the fake life you see all over social media. Focus on your dream, pursue your passion and be patient. Look for a true partner who believes in you and encourages you.


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