Does Oily Skin Really Age Better?

As a MUA this is the question many of my clients as been asking me over the years, so I did my research on this topic and here is what I found

For all the annoyances that come along with having oily skin, you might have also heard the shine has, well, one beaming benefit. It was probably when you were complaining about being out of blotting papers when a friend or your mom told you oily skin ages better. Deal with the extra glow now, less wrinkles and fine lines later.

So now you’re likely wondering if it’s actually true—and if you’re going to be saving big bucks on wrinkle cream over the years.

Turns out, it’s NOT a myth. Are you dancing yet?

“The positive side to oily skin is that it does ward off wrinkles better than dry skin,” explains board-certified dermatologist, medical director and co-founder of Dermatology Associates of New York, and author of Beyond Beauty, Dr. Debbie Palmer. “Natural oils help lubricate the skin, keeping it smoother. Natural oils may also counter the effects of environmental free radical damage by delivering the antioxidant vitamin E to the skin. Topical vitamin E protects the skin from environmental free radical damage from everyday sun exposure and pollution.”


Don’t have oily skin but still want the fountain of youth on your side? Who can blame you!

Dr. Palmer tells her patients to apply sunscreen and topical antioxidants to ward off the signs of aging. “My favourite sunscreens contain the ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I recommend a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater,” she says.


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