DJ Legend Born Oluwaseun Akinola Oladimeji, hailed from Akoko South, Ondo State was born and bred in Lagos; where he grew up with his mother as her only son of four children. In this interview he speaks about his new single ‘Ose’, his challenges and plans for the future amongst other issues.

At what point did you decide to be a DJ?

It’s a result of my passion for entertainment. I would say it all started for me in the church where I was a drummer, though I said too, but when the time came to take the decision I choose to be a DJ because I realized that’s where I can function comfortably well.

How would you describe the journey into Disc Jockey?

I used to be a footballer but after my secondary school things became very hard, so some of my friends especially Bodurin, advised and motivated me to join become a DJ, he and others persuaded me because of my music background as a drummer. So he linked me up with DJs who tutored me.

Why the name DJ Legend?

I just chose the name DJ Legend because I want to be great; legends are usually influential and great so I want to be one of the living legends

What were your initial challenges, and the lessons learnt from the experience?

It wasn’t easy though because the challenges were so much. I’ve gone to meet someone before just for the person to support me and he just looked at me and said I should look for something else to do. That’s so demoralizing, but thank God I am where we are today.
And for the lesson I’ve discovered that with being focus, hard work, consistency and prayers all challenges can be perfectly taken care of.

How did you start your street mixed tape?

It was one of my friends that introduced me to a marketer in Alaba, I started with a particular marketer and from there I’ve worked with other marketers too and it’s been from one success story to another on the street mixed tape, and things are now working for me.

Looking at yourself comparing now to when you started, will you say being a DJ is now paying off?

Yes, being a DJ is now paying me off, though I still pray to God to do more.

Can you remember the first show you played?

Yes I can remember very well, it was the child christening ceremony of one of my hood big brothers who believed so much in me. It was fun for me because the event had a very large turnout.

What do you want lovers of your mixed tapes and music to expect from you?

I want them to first see DJ Legend as a cool dude, keep believing in me because I’m not relenting. We are also coming with a new dimension that is new to Disc Jockey in Nigeria. And from my new single ‘Ose’ featuring Reekado Banks, Scales and JPizzle, and these guys are hot at the moment, so the song is danceable one. You’ll definitely like it once you listen to it. And soon we’ll also start working on the video. The ‘Ose’ is a song that’s celebrating a beautiful curvy lady on the dance floor.

Why did you do the song ‘Ose’?

I decided to toll the path of DJ Neptune, DJ Jimmy Jatt and other DJs that already have their singles out there. And again when my producer and friend JPizzle motivated me to do it, though I already have that in mind but didn’t know it will be this fast.

How would you describe your growing up?

I struggled as a younger boy, living with my mum as the first child of my dad, we struggled but thank God we have passed that stage now. ‘We never get money Oo but things are changing and we thank God’.

What are your future plans for expansion?

I have so many plans in the pipeline that I need to still keep secret for now. As the events unfold you will begin to see them. But just to give you a hint, I attend to do something on my corporate image and also create platform for other young DJs.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years from now?

I see myself playing in the Grammies.

Who are your role models and how do they inspire you?

The likes of DJ Jimmy Jatt, who has been there for decades now, DJ Neptune and other creative persons ranging from artistes, writers, producers etc. I get inspired by their creativity and contributions towards Nigeria’s growing entertainment industry.

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