Dior brings you the next generation of lipstick

Lipstick haters will sure love the Dior addict lipstick

Lipstick evokes strong feelings in most makeup wearers, while some people honestly despise lipstick. Some are afraid of the risk of smudging bright colors or getting pigment on their teeth, while others hate the feel of it on their pouts. But I bet you that after trying the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick , you will be convinced that you have found the one formula that would make any abstainer ready to join Team Lipstick.


The 20-color range features pigmented hues from everyday neutrals to neons and vampy dark tones, meaning there are shades ideal for women as they move from “wary about lipstick” to “lipstick warrior.” It boasts a balmy sheen and intense color payoff that eventually fades away (evenly!) into a dewy stain.


But by far the formula’s most celebratory quality is how it feels on the lips. Dior refers to this product as one with “weightless wear,” and that isn’t a meaningless marketing claim. It’s lightweight to the point that you will consistently forget you have it on.



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