Dangote’s Automobile Company Kickstarts Vehicle Assembly In Nigeria

The vehicle assembly plant has commenced operations

Dangote Peugeot Automobile Nigerian limited (DPAN) jointly owned by Stellantis Group, the parent company of Peugeot, the Kano and Kaduna state government and Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote through one of his subsidiaries Dangote Industries Limited has started the assembling of vehicles in Nigeria.

The vehicles are being assembled at the new Greenfield Ultima Assembly plant which is located in the northwestern region of Nigeria. The assembly plant was built at full capacity and is said to be able to assemble 120 vehicles in a day across two shifts.

According to the managing director of the new plant, Ibrahim Issa Gachi, it was stated that the newly assembled vehicles would reflect high technological advancement and carry safety features that would ensure that its users are safe.

The company also stated that it ensured that the spare parts for all the newly assembled vehicles is made available in the market.

In addition, DPAN in order to facilitate the sale of the new Peugeot 310, Landtrek, 3008,  5008, 508, and all its other new releases, is re-establishing contacts with Peugeot dealers in order to ensure a smooth arrival into the market, and ensure that the company maintains its reputation for being reliable.

The journey of the automobile plant began in 2016 when it was reported that the Kaduna State Government, Dangote Group and the Bank of Industry (BOI) were to acquire majority shares of Kaduna based moribund Peugeot Automobile.

Then in 2017 it was reported again that the billionaire acquired the license to establish a Peugeot plant in Nigeria. That was five years ago and now in the first quarter of the year, the assembling plant is set to begin its operations.


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