Craving To Get Gorgeous Lips?

The ultimate techniques for a plumper-looking pout.

It’s no secret that thinning lips can be a telltale sign of aging. As we get older, our lip line fades and we lose volume,  The good news: You can create the illusion of a fuller mouth with these simple solutions.

MAKEUP TIPS & TRICKS Start by scrubbing. If your lips are dry, flaky and dehydrated, they will reflect less light, gently exfoliate your pout at least once a week. Sweep a soft-bristled toothbrush or a cleansing brush over your lips to slough off dead skin, or just use a wet washcloth in the shower. This  will create a smooth canvas for product application. The next step is lip liner. Find one as close to your natural lip shade as possible, then use it to cheat the perimeter of your lip line, Purse your lips in the mirror to easily trace the outer edge from the corners in toward the centre. But be cautious of going overboard, Your lips should be proportionate to the rest of the features on your face. Once your liner is in place, dab champagne highlighter a universally flattering shade for all skin tones onto your Cupid’s bow. Then apply a moisturizing balm or lip primer, since hydrated skin instantly appears plumper. When choosing your lipstick, steer clear of matte textures and extremely dark shades, which can  make your lips appear smaller, Instead  stick with creamy formulas in neutral colours topped with gloss to create dimension and reflect light for an immediate “pillowy” effect. Bright colours work too; just make sure that you choose one with a shiny finish.


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