Consider these things you will need before going to NYSC Camp

Consider these things you will need before going to NYSC Camp

Here are the comprehensive list of things you’ll need for the three weeks on NYSC camp. There’s only one way you must never show up at NYSC camp: unprepared. Take all these things with you and you’ll never have problems, hopefully.

Now make a checklist and tick the following things as you get them in your travelling bag.

  1. Your credentials are very important
    Your credentials here will be all your documents to prove that you belong in the camp you’ve been posted to. You should go with your NYSC Call-Up letter, School certificates or Statement of Result, and your School ID Card. If you’re a Native Medical doctor or Pharmacist, you must show up with an original certificate from the Nigerian Medical Council or the pharmaceutical or optometrist
    That evidence of houseman ship or internship is also important.
    Also it is very important to note: Do not laminate any documents
  2. Gear up
    Most of what you’ll get in camp from the NYSC officials will be ridiculously poor quality, or too big, or too small. Better to go prepared so you don’t look like a clown for three weeks. T-shirts should be in your bag already, shorts, tennis shoes, socks, all white. You’ll be needing underwear (obviously), bed sheets, and mosquito nets. Slippers, cosmetics and basic personal effects that should last three weeks will do you a lot of good.
    Other important things include eating utensils, padlocks, a torch. In fact, just pack as if you’re moving to a new house.
  3. Stack up on the cash
    Except for your credentials, money helps you travel light. Most of the other things you’ll need in camp can be bought at the Mammy Market (that’s what the market in camp is called, by the way). Just know that it will be slightly more expensive than what you’ll get

    4. Are you good to go?
    Now, take a look at all these things again. Do you have everything in check? If you do, then you’re good to go. There’s something everyone who goes to camp knows.

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