Checkout the Victoria Secret Velvet panties that got People Freaking Out

Victoria’s Secret has women all over the world so  happy on the release of their velvet panties this week. According to the hundreds of thousands social media users who are freaking out: The released of the velvet panties kinder given  goosebumps.

The news broke when a Victoria’s Secret employee posted a photo on Twitter of velvet underwear. There were four thongs, in black, blue, ocean green and red. They each had an elastic waistband emblazoned with Victoria’s Secret’s signature “PINK” logo. The panties shone in the snap, highlighting their velvety soft texture.

“We got velvet panties AND IM DECEASED,” she captioned the picture. And the internet went wild. The photo has been retweeted more than 50 thousand times, with 135,000 likes and 1,200 comments. When so many people inquired, she added, “I work at pink and we got them in shipment today! Our website updates on Thursday though so keep an eye out!”

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