Check Out The $1.5 million (almost R23 million) Facemask.

A luxury jeweller has created a $1.5 million (almost R23 million) facemask. The prestige PPE is described as “fully functional” and features 250 grams of pure 18k gold, set with 3 608 natural black and white diamonds.

Yvel, an Israeli luxury jewellery brand, say that with a total weight of about 210 carats, it is the most expensive mask in the world. Designed to be wearable, it features a slot to insert a disposable N-99 mask, which provides protection from Covid-19.

Designed by Isaac Levy, founder and owner of Yvel, the mask was commissioned by a Los Angeles-based businessman and art collector. He has been a customer and friend of Yvel for many years and placed his initial order as an act to help support Israeli industry as well as Yvel’s 150 employees in Israel and the United States during the pandemic.

The order required an intensive production process to ensure the mask is compliant to safety regulations and could be completed on time. This project was entrusted to 25 of the company’s top artisans and diamond setters who were carefully selected to carry out the extraordinary assignment.

“We are blessed with very loyal customers who appreciate the creativity, commitment and dedication of our master craftspeople. When we were first challenged to create a mask of this magnitude, we were energised by the opportunity and our team came together to create something truly unique and special, and yet – functional.

“Unlike any project we have done before, this order involved not only beautiful jewels but also a protective element,” said Isaac Levy, owner and co-founder of Yvel.


– NEWS 24

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