Burna Boy gets nominee medallion, certificate from Recording Academy

Grammy winner Burna Boy has been honored with a certificate and nominee medallion from the Recording Academy.

The ‘Kilometer’ singer shared a letter from the Recording Academy interim president, Harvey Mason Jr. on his Instagram story with a short video of him wearing the medallion.

The letter reads: “Dear Grammy nominee, It is my personal pleasure to congratulate you on your nomination for the 62nd Grammy Award.

“The recognition of your pairs within the music industry is a significant and meaningful honour that entitles you to proudly wear the title of ‘Grammy Nominee’ as you join a select and prestigious group who shares that achievement.

“I am pleased to enclose your certificate, your nominee medallion (If you were unable to attend the nominee reception), and appropriate photos for those who did attend the Reception.

“The Recording Academy salutes you for your accomplishment and looks forward to your participation in the fine work and missions that embody our organisation.”


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