Bristol University student accidentally made explosive

Bristol University student accidentally made explosive

University buildings were evacuated when a student accidentally made the same highly explosive substance that was used in the Paris terror attacks.

An investigation by Bristol University has found that triacetone triperoxide (TATP) was “unintentionally formed during a routine procedure”.

A cordon was set up around the university’s chemistry block during the incident earlier this month.

No-one was injured and a controlled explosion was carried out.

TATP was used in bomb vests worn by militants in the Paris attacks and later found by Belgian police following attacks in Brussels.

Bristol University said: “We have robust contingency plans in place to deal with incidents of this nature.

“As soon as the presence of TATP was identified the student immediately notified those responsible for laboratory safety in the school.

“A series of actions were then taken which resulted in the precautionary evacuation of the chemistry building and surrounding buildings and the controlled disposal of the substance by the emergency services.”

The university said it was reviewing its procedures to “determine whether additional checks” could be carried out before similar work.

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