Best Student dies after active participation in school inter-house sport

Best Student dies after active participation in school inter-house sport

A 16-year old, SS 3 student who was the best in science discipline of ASACS International Staff College identified as Michael Paul Ogbe, has been declared dead after sustaining serious head injuries during a high jump session at  the school’s inter-house sports held on March 1, 2017.

Sources claimed that Michael would have survived if he was rushed immediately to the hospital for treatment, noting that the school lacked high jump facilities as it was a small mattress that was placed on the ground for the students to land on.

His aggrieved mother Marian Nnanna Ogbe, who expressed shock over the issue has called for a probe of the incident and justice over the untimely death of her only son, who lost his father when he was 4.

When newsmen from Authority newspaper called the proprie­tor, Chief A.B. Ekwere, who also owns Dorben Polytechnic in Bwari, he declined to speak and all subsequent calls were also not picked.

She lamented that if only she was called immediately, she would have taken him to a private specialist hospital for adequate med­ical attention. Mrs. Ogbe recalled that the deceased had a premo­nition of his death as he was reluctant to return to school after the mid-term break.

“We had to force him to go on Tuesday,” she said. “Michael was a comput­er wiz-kid. He wanted to work as a computer security expert in government or a tele­communications company,” Ogbe said, displaying a form she obtained from a school in Cana­da where he was billed to re­sume in September 2017.

“I miss him so much, I can’t give birth again, I don’t even have a husband, I don’t know where to start from. Life has no meaning any­more; I worked so hard for Michael’’ cried the embittered mother.

The school is so careless, they don’t take care of the students, I want justice done. I gave you a live child and you are giving me back a dead one. It wouldn’t have taken me 40 minutes to get to the school,” she lamented.




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