BCIE Advises Aspiring Foreign Students On Scholarship Opportunities

The British Canadian International Education Limited, BCIE, Lagos, has advised foreign education seekers to consider scholarship opportunities in their search.

Speaking in Lagos on the global trend in education, Director, BCIE, Naz Panju, explained that some governments had been hindering the easy flow of students, thereby, aspiring students should seek scholarship opportunities that would help reduce tuition fees.

“Historically, BCIE has always partnered with several universities to implement scholarship opportunities for our students. We are still on track to provide information about scholarship opportunities to our students and assist them in processing them.

“BCIE Ltd can assist students in processing applications to join their families under the acceptable route and most importantly to alternative destinations in Australia and Canada.”

Panaju also advised that due to the high exchange rate in Nigeria, the cost of acquiring foreign education had been affected by the FX rate, saying education remained key to driving any national growth.

She advised prospective students to ensure enough research was done while choosing any school and enlisting professionals who had vast knowledge about helping students secure undergraduate and postgraduate admissions abroad.

“Nigerian students should look for legitimate service providers to avoid being swindled.

“The biggest issue dominating the Nigerian economic space has been the issue of the exchange rates. This has hindered students and their ability to finance their studies. With a formidable track record of having operated in the five countries we have been in, for 25 years, we leverage our experience, tact, consistency, integrity, and passion for the best package for our students, and ensure we achieve our objective of better careers, future, and better lives through BCIE Limited.”

She noted that BCIE network consisted of over 100 universities and colleges in the UK, USA, Australia, UAE, and Canada.

Panju also spoke about the economic impact of migrating to other developed countries for study, saying, “When people immigrate to other countries, it will still impact their country of origin economically, because education is key in nation building and development.

“The income they generate from there one way or the other are sent back home or some even relocate back to Nigeria to work. So it is not a loss when people travel abroad for study.”

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