Alternative ways to use a Beauty-blender

It’s so much more than just a make-up sponge
If you haven’t yet succumbed to the hype of a Beauty-blender, you’re about to. The egg shaped sponge is the favourite tool of amateurs and professionals alike and for good reason. Not only can you create the most flawless base ever (honestly, it can make your skin look airbrushed) it had a whole heap of alternative uses too. Here are other ways you can use your Beauty-Blender..

 Apply flawless make-up

We all know that this is exactly what the Beauty-blender was created to do and do it well, it does. A tiny tip? Wet your sponge before applying any concealer or foundation. The small amount of water that the sponge absorbs will help your make-up to blend into your skin, rather than sitting on the surface.

Give yourself ombre nails: Got an old Beauty-blender? Cut it up and use it to create an ombre nail effect – the tip is perfect for different designs and nail art.


 Get deodorant out of clothing : The last thing you want to do is get a deodorant mark out of your shirt with water (it’ll look like you’ve been sweating profusely). Instead, dab over the area with your Beauty-blender it’ll pick up the product and dust away any excess.

 Touch up your roots: Sometimes a brush can leave streaky colour, but the softness of a beauty blender will deposit just the right amount of dye onto your hair to touch up your roots. It’s a pro secret.
Diffuse your make-up:  One of the biggest trends this season is lived-in lipstick, so instead of perfecting your lip lines, dab your lips with your Beauty-blender immediately after applying your lipstick to smudge the edges. Go softly though and use the pointed end so you don’t end up with lipstick all around your mouth.

 Clean your screen: And your glasses for that matter. The sponge texture is perfect for getting rid of smudges, just wipe instead of dabbing to get rid of any grit or grime.

 Apply fake tan:  Much like your tanning mitt provides even application, so does a Beauty-blender thanks to the spongey texture.



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