AFRIMA Music takes over Lagos

AFRIMA Music takes over Lagos-acadaextra

AFRIMA Music takes over Lagos

Friday November 4, will go down as a watershed in the story of AFRIMA. Two events that would massively redefine the structure of AFRIMA permanently were introduced, that day.

The Africa Music Business Roundtable and The Music Village.

The Music Village is the focus of this report. This year, FEMI KUTI led an array of Africa’s Music stars, numbering over forty, to the Music Village at the Lagos Bar Beach Waterfront and held the World breathless with captivating music.

It was to celebrate Music in Africa, honour Musicians and entertain the world with the best of African rhythms.

From Diamond Patinumz of Tanzania to Sultan of North Africa, Sarkodie of Ghana,  Nigeria’s Patorankin, etc, the World watched Africa, starting from 8pm on the day, through the night to the wee hours of the morning.

Femi Kuti was the headliner and didn’t disappoint. His energy sapping performance was breathtaking as he gave the world the best of Afobeat.

AFRIMA Music takes over Lagos-acadaextra

Atawewe, Nigeria’s Fuji Music kid dynamite, was the darling of the Lagos Crowd and he held them spellbound

Nneka, World acclaimed Europe based Nigerian Afrorock Star became the surprise of the night was simply Awesome.

For those who are not going to be at the “strictly by invitation” awards on Sunday November 6, night, the Music Village, is indeed their AFRIMA (All Africa Music Awards).

An award perhaps more worthy of any other; The huge stage, the carnival atmosphere, the music output from the hi-tech sound equipment and the beach party feeling are unquantifiable

This will definitely become the Stars Attraction for AFRIMA, going forward.

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