Adonko Bitters Makes A Grand Entry Into Nigeria

Tulip Hotel, Festac Town Lagos was on Thursday, January 25th, 2018, the takeoff point of the grand entry of world class Bitters, Adonko, into the Nigerian market. The Hotel hosted the unveiling of the brand to select media organizations, stakeholders and players in the marketing communication and Advertising industry.


The event was packaged by Adverting and Marketing Communication giant, Full Page International Communications limited which is the sole promoter of the brand in Nigeria. The ambience of the venue was boisterous and colourful as the compere, ace comedian, Okechukwu Onyegbule, popular as Okey Bakassi kept the audience reeling with laughter with his rib cracking jokes.


The Ekulo Group, one of Nigeria’s biggest commodity marketing, distribution and manufacturing conglomerate and one of Ghana’s leading conglomerates, the Angels Group are in partnership in the introduction of the brand into the Nigerian market. General Manager of the Angels Group, Daniel Darko Nyameky said the introduction of Adonko into the Nigeria has altered the architecture of the country’s Bitters market.


Noted for quality products, Ekulo on its part said, it got involved with Adonko because it was satisfied with the quality of the brand. The Group’s marketing Manager, Emeka Oramadike assured consumers that Adonko is their brand of choice. Angels marketing/ Sales Manager, Samuel Amankwa maintained that Adonko is a brand that is set to dwarf others in Nigeria’s Bitters industry because, according to him, ‘no other Bitters parades Adonko qualities’. He said that the brand is unique in many areas, including being odourless. Amankwa also disclosed that Adonko is produced from 11 different plants.


Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Full Page Communications, Ingram Osigwe, said the company has a tradition of promoting and marketing firms and brands that add value to the consumer and at the same time spell quality and affordability hence its decision to accept to promote Adonko.


Brewed in Kumasi, Ghana by Agya Adonkor, a seasoned master mixologist, Adonkor Bitters promises to out flank and eventually dislodge fake, inferior and poisonous concoctions pass off as Bitters from shelves and stores in Nigeria. Adonkor Bitters, according Angels and Ekulo,shines like a bright luminescent in a dark and bleary tunnel. Both conglomerates  assure consumers that quality and affordability will not be compromised in making Adonkor Bitters of choice.


Essentially, Adonkor Bitters’ entry into the Nigerian market is anchored on seven factors that evidently set it apart from the motley crowd of substandard bitters in the Nigeria market: Originality, applicability, quality, availability, affordability, NAFDAC recognition and unfakebility.

Made from the purest virgin herbal extracts sourced within the deep rain forests of Ghana, Adonkor Bitters has been used as medicinal healers from a vast range of ailments such as indigestion, heart burns, ulcers, heart regulation, liver flushing, aphrodisiac and memory enhancer.

The efficacy of Adonkor is indisputable, its taste and quality impossible to replicate as the brand secrets are hidden in the annals of the Agya Adonkor brewers house in Kumasi.

Ekulo Distributors who are poised to ensure that Adonko adorn shelves of stores and supermarkets across Nigeria were visibly excited at the unveiling ceremony. They said days to come will see Adonko Bitters taking over Nigeria’s Bitters market.

The Ekulo Group is made up a number of subsidiaries. A member of the Group, Evans Industries Limited manufactures a range of household products including the the popular Eva range of complexion soaps, Eva baby soap, Meditol range of Medicated Antiseptic Soaps, Hawaii Papaya Calamansi & Carrot Whitening Soaps among others.

Ekulo’s distribution skill, honesty, track records of marketing a plethora of successful brands in Nigeria over the years have put it on an unparalled pedestal.








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