8Th Nigeria – Ghana Youth Summit “Accra 2021”

For the 8th year in a row, Ghanaian and Nigerian young people came together to discuss issues affecting the continent while proffering solutions. The 8th Ghana Nigeria Youth Summit had its theme: MAXIMIZING THE POTENTIALS OF AFRICAN YOUTHS; THE TIME FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IS NOW.

Mr. Nelson Owusu Ansah, the CEO of National Youth Authority -Ghana in his speech asked young people to see volunteerism as a way to Excellence and fulfillment of destiny. He urged them to ensure they always make good use of opportunities when it comes. Mr. Ansah commended the Organizers for their consistency in putting up  such a laudable initiative despite funding from expected quarters. He pledged his support to ensure such discussion that brings together citizens of the countries continues as it helps in sub regional integration and peaceful co existence. He mentioned a few programmes that the Government of Ghana has set up to empower young people. He urged citizens to take advantage of these as they work hard to better their lives.

Comrade Barry Ndu Nwaihim, the Convener of Ghana Nigeria Youth Summit and the Coordinator of Ghana Nigeria Youth Organization in his opening remarks asked African Governments to always give young people the opportunity to lead at different levels of Governance because they have the capacity to deliver. He asked Delegates at the event to wake up and take charge of their destiny. He condemned those who take peanuts from politicians during elections when they know some of the people who seek their vote do not really care for the masses. Comrade Barry Ndu, who was at a time the Public Relations Officer of All Nigerian Community in Ghana advised Nigerians in the country to remain focused and law abiding. He asked that each one focuses on the main reason why they are in Ghana which is to genuinely make ends meet to take care of their families while contributing to National development. He lamented the lack of support from Government and companies. He called on the Ghanaian Government to open up the Nigerian shops locked up since 2019 so these traders can go back to business. The youth Advocate also asked the Nigerian Government to simplify difficult procedures that make doing business tough in the country. Concluding his remarks, he urged the Nigerian President to become the leader Nigerians voted for and end all manner of insecurity in the country which is scaring many investors from bringing their investment to Nigeria.

Oheneyere Franca Ama Ani, the CEO of Candid Issues asked young women to become more responsible by rejecting gifts from men they know are engaged in illicit activities stating that some men do all kinds of evil to impress women. The women Advocate told the audience that African women have so much capacity to deliver on any assignment given. She urged the female Guests at the event to make their families proud by being hard working and focused in achieving their set goals. She reminded them that these days most men wants a woman who has something to offer aside sex so there is a great need to develop themselves so Africa would be proud of them just the way the world is celebrating Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala and so many others.

Kafui Dey, an award winning internal TV Host called on young people to wake up as the time to achieve their God given potentials is now. He stated that despite the economic situation and aftermath of Covid 19 challenges, young people can still achieve excellence if they can take advantage of the great opportunities the internet offers. He asked them to read more and get needed knowledge as things are beginning to change and employees are devising new strategies for Business growth. He asked delegates to make their respective Government accountable when they are not fulfilling promises given during election. He commended the organizers and pledged for continuous support and collaboration while volunteering to attend the 9th edition in Nigeria next year.

Amb. Oloye Fatuyi, the Executive Director of Nigerian Business Forum asked Nigerians to become good Ambassadors of the country anywhere they are. He admonished young people who engage in negative vices to stop as there is so much to achieve in honesty and truth.

Amb. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Abubakar Thiam, Head of Peace Ambassadors, UNYA called for continuous peace and religious tolerance.

Ethel Komlaga, the Moderator of the event and CEO of Quantum Ideas Ghana did a good job in making the event lively. She hoped for more collaboration with the group while calling on Delegates to go home and spread the work that Hard Work pays.

Organizers say the 9th Edition of this annual event will be in Nigeria next year. The Convener also promised to launch a book on Ghana Nigeria Relationship from personal perspective having championed the unity and integration of the two countries for years.

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