No to Drugs Initiative Commences ‘SAY NO TO DRUGS’ Campaign

No to Drugs Initiative Commences ‘SAY NO TO DRUGS’ Campaign

Cases of drug abuse has gotten out of hand in Nigeria, that is the reason psychiatry homes are flooded with mentally disturbed patients, many roam the streets without support or help from the society and after being abandoned by their families, one can hardly pass through a town in Nigeria today without the gory pictures of these set of people roaming the streets. Abuse of drugs have conquered the minds and bodies of so many young people today,
destroying their academics, careers, relationships and life that it’s time to strive against it and help the youth live the life of their dreams.

No to drugs Initiative is a humanitarian foundation with the sole aim of creating strong awareness to sensitize the youths in Nigeria on the negative and physiological effects of hard drugs and substance through her ‘’Say no to drugs’ campaign, the not-for-profit making organization plans to put together symposium and conferences on drug related issues from time to time thereby raising community awareness on the destructive effects of drug abuse in communities and the society at large.

No to drugs initiative shall partner with secondary schools  to enable her meet her objectives of creating the needed awareness amongst students, which involves thirty minutes interactive sessions across different secondary schools,  our ‘No to drugs’ Ambassador which includes renowned musicians and sportsmen who will mentor and entertain the student on the subject matter. Relationships will also be created with civil society formations such as non-governmental organizations, community based organizations, religious formations, trade Unions and non-political youth organizations.

There shall be campaigns for alternate activities and programmes which young people  should engage in, including the introduction of new sporting activities in particularly poor communities and public schools to increase participation in sports amongst young people through the use of musicians, Actors and Actresses and popular sportsmen.

In conclusion they also seek the support of the general public to enable them meet their objectives while they remain commitment to them ‘Say no to drugs campaign’.


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