5 Signs Your Partner Is Just Using You


First of all, a user is someone who brings nothing to the table but collects everything on it. When you are deeply in love with this person, it’s hard to find out their true character. They can listen to your problems and ask you enough questions to know how much they can collect before talking a walk. It may not be in financial terms,and they also drain you of your precious time and resources.

According to Beliefnet, here are some warning signs that your partner may just be using you:

1. They never pay for anything: A user will always make excuses and are really tight-fisted. They spend a lot when it’s your turn to foot the bills but will always complain and constantly make excuses when it’s their turn.

2. They never cease to ask for help: And they don’t care if their request will put you into trouble. They get used to you supporting them because they believe you’ll always say yes. Their true colors begin to show when you start saying no to their absurd requests.

3. They’ll never inconvenience themselves for you: Users are actually the last person to depend on when you are in dire need of help. They can try to show up during emergencies but will never let you hear the end of their good deed for you.
They are good at keeping scores too.

4. They are very selfish people and expect you to always support their visions and goals: They leave you drained all round, so much that you can’t muster enough strength to pursue your own dreams. They love the word “me” more than “us”.

5. They have little or no interest in your dreams: A relationship should be a mutual benefit thing but if it’s not that, then forget it. Your partner should always be your cheerleader, doesn’t matter how badly you are beaten. Their strong presence in your dreams will put you back on your feet.

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