30 of the Most in-demand Skills to help you get a Job in the next Five years

Online course provider Coursera has published its industry skills report for 2021 with detailed information on the most in-demand skills worldwide right now.

The report is based on 26 skills in business, technology and computer science areas. Each industry reported an acceleration in the need for technological skills to – at least, take into account the lack of physical interaction caused by the pandemic.

These changes seem unlikely to subside as the pandemic does; instead, companies will continue to move forward with digitization at an accelerated pace, Coursera said.

“The speed of digital transformation due to pandemic barriers was significant. Microsoft data shows that two years of value of transformation was concentrated to two months. And in the last weeks of March 2020, for example, there was as much broadband growth as some experts expected for the whole year, ”said Coursera.

“Across industries, businesses are evolving despite the unplanned change of telework, and increased broadband usage is only one indicator.”

149 million new jobs

To maintain the speed of transformation, specific technology and data competencies are needed across industries – namely cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analysis and software development, Coursera said.

Adding workers with these skills will stimulate growth, and it is expected that by 2025, there will be 149 million new digital jobs focused on these skills, it states.

“Currently, our analysis of trend skills in the fields of technology and computer science shows that people are very interested in learning software engineering and data analysis skills. Many of the trendy skills in these domains can also be applied to cloud computing and cybersecurity; however, we also expect to see an increase in interest in the specific skills. ”

Although technology and computer science skills are critical in themselves, they are not enough to gain skills for the new world of digital work, Coursera said.

Because of this, the group also tracked trend competencies within the business area as employees need one
combination of technological skills, business opportunities and sustainable human skills to be most effective in a digital economy.

These skills are described in more detail below.

Business Technology Computer Science
Data analysis software Theoretical computer science Python programming
Microsoft Excel Programming principles Probability and statistics
Budget management C ++ Econometrics
Behavioral economics C Programming Machine learning
Business Process Management JavaScript Data management
Digital marketing Data structures Machine learning algorithms
Project Management Web development Applied machine learning
Marketing Design and product Probability distribution
Business design Graphic design SQL
Data analysis Mathematics Deep Learning


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