12 Feared Dead in London Fire

London fire – Grim task of removing bodies begins as death toll rises to 12 with fears for dozens more missing residents amid claims no one on top three floors survived

Trapped residents jumped from the burning building while others lashed bedsheets together in a desperate attempt to escape the flames

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 Firefighters confirmed “a number” of people had been killed in the terrifying blaze at the 24-storey Grenfell Towers that one witness said was started by his neighbour’s fridge exploding.

Residents also claim that the building was checked by the fire brigade as recently as Saturday.

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Corinne Jones, who escaped with her partner from the 17th floor, told the BBC that a team from the fire service inspected the building over the weekend and gave advice, including remaining in the flat during a blaze.

The Metropolitan Police released a statement confirming the fatalities saying that they expect the death toll to rise.

Some frantic residents lashed bedsheets together in a crude attempt to escape the rapidly growing blaze.

Horrified witnesses told how they saw some families throwing children out of windows in an effort to save their lives from the inferno.

Another resident told the Huffington Post she saw a man catch a baby that was tossed from a ninth floor window.

She said: “She wrapped her baby in what seemed like a sheet or blanket and threw the young baby out of the window.”

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“A member of the public, a guy ran forward and just miraculously grabbed the baby at the right moment and then the shadow, I assume the mother, went backwards and that was the last we saw.”

A number of those stuck on upper floors have jumped to escape the flames.


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