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Why “Salt and Pepper” Eyelashes Might Be the Secret to Gorgeous-Looking Eyes

As pointed out by Allure, Canadian lash expert Joanna Keller uses “salt and pepper” lash extensions—which includes white streaks within the standard black lash extensions—on her clients in order to give their lashes a more dimensional look. By using this technique, Keller is able to create lashes that appear denser and much more feathery than the typical, black extensions that are often used.

“The white lashes add dimension to a black lash set the same way any type of highlighting would work,” Keller tells Allure, adding that the hints of silver give detail and depth to the lashes in a way that creates an overall brightened up look.


While the images of Keller’s work makes it appear that the white streaks are super noticeable, she explains that they’re rather discreet. Since Keller applies black falsies first and then a light layer of white near the bottom of the lash line, they’re only visible when viewed up close.

However, even though the white strands might be understated, the overall effect is still very much noticeable. According to Keller, “This type of set really has people mesmerized and looking at your eyes for longer, wondering why your eyes are so beautiful,” which is exactly the look we’re going for.



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