Every now and then , new breed of artists are seen bursting unto the music scene, many with rare and infectious energy that is hard to replicate, others may fall short of this. Meet Felix Chinedu Ozor better known as E-Flex, the effervescent China based singer let us into his world, his debut single ”Yemade” and what he is bringing forth into the music industry et al.


How did music start for you?


Music is something i have got passion for and this has been since childhood. Back in primary school, I use to mime to songs of popular artist. Whenever we had a free period, I will pick up chalk and write lyrics of popular songs on the black board teaching my classmates lyrics to their favourite songs. spo that was where it all started.



What’s your genre of music?

I have no particular genre of music. I’m this kind of person that really likes to try out new things. I’m versatile when it comes to music. I try out new stuffs at every opportunity I get and it all depends on the vibe and inspiration I get but nevertheless, my genre of music can be defined as Afropop .



What are you bringing to the Nigeria music industry that is different?


I’m bringing in a whole new vibe. The music industry now though is thriving very well but you find out that lately most songs you hear has no content or meaningful lyrics. (Lamba music) it’s either they are singing about bum bum or popping champagne/Rozay. E flexx has come to deliver good and meaningful songs that we can all relate to our daily lives. I am making music that both the old and young can actually relate to it.


Why the choice of music business?


Music is my passion and it’s the only thing I think I can do professionally without stress. I’m always very happy whenever I’m in the studio recording and because I want to stay happy and live a life of contentment and fulfillment, i have chosen the path that would lead to such which is music.




What do you intend to achieve with your kind of sound?

I just want to make everyone happy. I want to inspire as much people as I can through my music.


So far, how would you say the journey has been?

The journey has not been easy at all make i talk true. If them tell you say e easy na set up oo!!! (2face don talk am) In this journey you will get to meet the good the bad and the ugly. The struggle of an upcoming artist is something worse than that of a pregnant woman in labour room. But at the end of the day it’s your determination that’s keeps us going.



What is the inspiration behind the song Yemade?


I wrote Yemade sometime in June last year 2017 though then the title was “my omoge” but when recording the song in February this year 2018 I was like “guy you need to do something different because taking a look at the industry, so many artiste don use this word “omoge” a good example is Brymo “good morning omoge” it will make more sense if I even call a female name and that way it would appear that I’m talking directly to a woman. As I was trying to think of a name that would sync perfectly and also a name that isn’t common I logged in to my IG and while scrolling I came across a video of Davido’s first daughter Imade and that was how I used the name and title  Yemade.



Life before the release of “Yemade” and life after the release, what has changed?


Yemade is actually the wave of the movement and am grateful to God for this. it’s everywhere and I’ve been getting positive feedbacks which I’ve been very happy about seeing people love and appreciate my work. Everyone loves the song. Before Yemade I was just an ordinary guy who loves doing music but after the release of Yemade and it’s acceptance so far. I’m encouraged and being triggered to do more. People should now expect more good music from E-Flex.




Why the name E-flex? 


My real name is Felix and that’s where “Flex” came from. It was actually  “Easy Flex” until one telecom company in Nigeria introduced Easyflex as one of its bundle plans. I had to rephrase my name because I found out that each time people hear easyflex what comes to their head is that particular telecoms and that’s not good for my brand.



As an upcoming act, how friendly has the industry been so far?


It hasn’t been friendly in any way , it’s really competitive and you know the world we live in, nobody wants to be with you in your struggling days.


What differentiates you from other artist?


First and foremost, God created us all differently. We are unique in our own ways. Accepting who God has made me was my first step to walking and achieving purpose thus far. Secondly, my message and direction of music. It’s not just the ordinary and i will advise  you walk this journey with me.

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