Sofia Vergara Launched her new Line of ‘sexy’ Jeans


Sofia Vergara knows that a great wardrobe isn’t complete without the perfect pair of jeans.

So, she teamed up with Walmart to create Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara, a size-inclusive collection of over 100 items, including jeans, denim jackets, blouses and graphic T-shirts. “I am very excited about this collection because it caters to women of all sizes,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We tried to include every shape, every size.”

Vergara explains that it was important to create an inclusive line that was wallet-friendly and fashion-forward. “That’s why we went all the way up to size 20 — to make sure that everybody could find something really, really affordable and sexy and cute.”

Vergara explains that her big Latin family was a source of inspiration for Sofia Jeans, because of how diverse all the women are. “I know all those bodies,” she says. “Some are tall some are short, some are voluptuous, some are very skinny, some are older.” So, she named various styles after the women closest to her, including cousins, nieces and her mom.

However, family members aren’t the only women who are fans of Vergara’s denim collection. “Gloria [Pritchett] has been wearing Sofia Jeans the past season, but nobody knew,” she says of her Modern Family character. “I wanted to know how they looked on camera. I wanted to know how they would last during a whole 12 to 16-hour shoot day,” she says. “They passed all the tests.”

The Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara collection is available now in sizes 0 to 20 for jeans and XS to XXXL for tops. Below, shop some of our favorites from the under-$40 collection, available at








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