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Student’s videos containing racial slurs quickly condemned

A University of Alabama student repeatedly used a racial slur in videos posted on social media, prompting immediate...

Slain college student’s parents say they ‘won’t succumb to hate’

The parents of University of Pennsylvania student Blaze Bernstein, who was allegedly murdered by a former classmate...


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Trace Denies Money-For-Video-Play Allegations, Reveals Video Selection Guidelines

Contrary to recent insinuation making the rounds, the management of leading African music, youth and entertainment...

Is Kylie Jenner Kim Kardashian’s baby surrogate mother? Here are some facts

Some fans reportedly believe that Kylie Jenner is sister Kim Kardashian’s surrogate, and we’re going to need to see...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 review

It's back to basics, Samsung says about the Galaxy S5. Time to focus on what matters — displays, batteries, an...

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