Nationwide Strike can Start anytime without Notice


Insist N30,000 per month no longer negotiable Labour, civil society allies hold nationwide protest today

AHEAD of a nationwide strike over the Federal Government’s refusal to send a draft bill on N30,000 National Minimum Wage to the National Assembly to legislate into law, organised labour and its civil society allies are, today, holding a nationwide mobilisation and mass protest to force government into action.

Though a definite day for the commencement of the nationwide strike is yet to be announced, labour had on December 20, 2018, while issuing a December 31, 2018, deadline to the government over the issue, declared: “Organised Labour will not guarantee industrial peace and harmony if after December 31, 2018, the draft bill is not transmitted to the National Assembly. ‘’This serves as a statutory notice for Organised Labour to recall our suspended nationwide industrial action.”

Reinforcing the threat that a nationwide strike could start at anytime without further notice, President of United Labour Congress of Nigeria, ULC, Joe Ajaero, said though no date had been fixed for commencement of the strike, it could start the next day after the national protest. He said:

‘’It can start today, it can start at anytime. We agreed during our meeting (of leaders of organised labour) on December 20, 2018, in Lagos that the December 31 deadline given to government to send a draft bill to the National Assembly to legislate on the N30,000 minimum wage recommendation by the Tripartite Committee, serves as a final notice to the government for us to resume the suspended November 6, 2018 nationwide strike.

‘’What that means is that a nationwide strike can start today, tomorrow or next without further notice to the government.”


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