Leave It to Alessandra Ambrosio to Make Grocery Shopping in Overalls Look Super Chic


When I go to grocery store, I throw on whatever I have lying around—usually athletic clothes that don’t even qualify as cute athleisure. Each time, I mentally justify the lazy sartorial choice: It’s just the grocery store—who cares what I’m wearing

I typically make it to and from the grocery store with little ceremony. But every now and then, something happens: I see my old boss in the dairy aisle, I come face-to-face with my ex-boyfriend in the produce section, I see a really cute guy on my walk home. And the answer to that question I’d posed in my head (who cares what I’m wearing?) stops feeling so rhetorical.

Finding a go-to grocery store outfit that’s equal parts comfortable and cute is a challenge—and one I’ve (obviously yet) to master. But thanks to Alessandra Ambrosio, I’m getting a little closer to doing so. The Victoria’s Secret model recently went to the grocery store, and she managed to wear an effortlessly cool (but totally low-maintenance) outfit while doing so.

The one-piece denim ensemble is the perfect go-to outfit for the market, because all that’s left to worry about in terms of outfit assembly is finding an undershirt. Ambrosio went casual with a graphic tee, which made her look even more girl-next-door.

And it’s really the fit of Ambrosio’s overalls that takes her outfit from average to envy-inducing. They’re not too tight or too loose—plus, the chunky cuff and medium wash make them look lived-in and more appropriate for casual wear.

The VS Angel topped off her look with some flip-slops, a small white bag and minimal jewelry, and she kept her hair in a messy half-up bun. Nothing about Ambrosio’s look seems like it’d require much time—making it ideal for a quick stop-and-shop. I’m not lying when I say I know exactly what I’m wearing to the store this weekend.

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