For men, 8 Relationship Mistakes to Stop making Immediately



To avoid complaints, recurrent issues and eventual heartache, here are dating and relationship habits you need to drop ASAP Man.


If you’re having trouble keeping women interested, and if they keep dumping you, it could be because of one or several dating and relationship mistakes you should  no longer be making.


Whether you’re in a relationship or gearing to get into one, you’ll need to adjust some of your thought process if you intend to find happiness and peace of mind in your relationships.

To avoid complaints, recurrent issues and eventual heartaches, here are dating and relationship habits you need to drop ASAP.

  1. Starting what you can’t keep up with

Whether it’s paying for all dates, meals, buying gifts every single time you meet with her, you need to be consistent with it. This is why you always have to stay within your means from the very onset.

Setting the tone and backing out later will not sit well with her. And she’s going to start complaining of how you have changed from the man she once knew.
Pick up only good habits and do them at a pace that’s sustainable for the longterm.

  1. Going on about achievements, bank accounts


This is one of the oldest mistakes guys make and it’s sad but not surprising that it’s still a thing.

Yes, there’s the trope about all women liking money and material things but not all women are going to be swayed by how much you earn or who you work for. Always put out value and substance ahead of income.


It may catch some girls but may not work on the one you really fancy.


  1. Having no plan


Whether a plan for your life in general, or for dates and hangouts; if you are often clueless about what you want to do, you may be doing wrong.

Good dates are like your life in general. They are  planned, and all situations are thought of, nothing is left to chance.


Nothing’s worse than getting in a guy’s car and hearing, “So, do you want to eat somewhere, or…”


  1. Moving too fast


Don’t be too forward and too eager to impress. You’re going to creep her out most likely. Give things time to progress. Let it go one step at a time, there’s no need to rush, really.

  1. Giving up too soon


Yeah, we get it, too. It’s difficult to know what works best in this situations, right? Sometimes, you are told to move on immediately and now you are being asked to try a bit harder after she’s said no.
Actually, the key is in finding the balance between being an annoying pest and someone who does not know when to give up.
Most times, with careful observation, you will know whether to stick or twist.

  1. Looking for the perfect woman


Stop this childishness. She doesn’t exist.


  1. Acting like you don’t care


If you’re trying really hard to come off as carefree, you might seem like you don’t care, and she’ll wonder why she’s spending time with you.

It really is fine to show feelings and to be emotional.


Don’t always play unconcerned. It’s going to look like you don’t care and that will count against you.


  1. Speaking too much about the past… or the future


No woman wants to compete with another woman for your attention. You need to conquer memories of your great ex before trying to get another woman. Wean yourself of great memories of her, if not you’ll ruin the next will talks of the ex.


Also talking too much of the future or doing it too early will only strain the relationship. It is a problem to keep demanding from a woman a level of commitment she’s yet unready for.


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