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Sean Tizzle Opens Up On Going On A Hiatus, Comback And How His Brand Has Evolved Over The Years.

By Abiodun Olusheyi

It’s no walk in the park staying afloat as a pop star delivering hits after hits every year, and so, sometimes, there’s need for a break to clear the head, reinvent creativity and evolve as a brand. Refuel, if you will. Certainly, this can leave fans disappointed, but these breaks are totally worth the wait, especially when the artiste comes back with a bang.  So it is in the case of Sean Tizzle, one of the Uber-talented music act who gave us one of the best body of work “The Journey”, an album that evoke mind-blowing nostalgic reactions from music lovers.  There will never be another album like ”The Journey.” The album had it all.

It’s Easter Saturday, such a great opportunity to jet away from work and time to relax, plan was to remain indoor but interestingly around 12:30pm phone rang and on the other side was an old time friend who wants us to link up and spend quality time with some other media friends and catch up with happenings in the industry away from work. Our choice of venue was no other than the legendary Fela’s Afrika Shrine. Arriving at the venue, we were met with this unusual crowd in their hundreds hanging around, it did not take too long before it dawn on me seeing the Billboard at shrine, it was the host location for the maiden concert of the Sho Le crooner same day later at night. “Wow wow I really can’t wait to experience a night of classics” said one of the female friends with so much excitement.

Barely 2:00pm after some couple of rounds of bottles and random industry gist, suddenly I saw a mammoth crowd moving towards the stage, this got our attention as the arrival of Sean Tizzle and his small entourage for a sound check, they were swamped by fans armed with their phones who couldn’t wait to snap pictures and show love to the pop star. Then for a second, I was strike by how great an artiste Sean Tizzle is, undoubtedly one of the most talented artistes on the scene but things never stay the same as he took a break from the spotlight which fans were not happy about.

At this point, I was very much interested in having an exclusive interview with Sean Tizzle, had to excuse myself from the gathering to block him backstage with the intent of having a brief chat and schedule an interview while the band guys were making sure all was in order for a light rehearsal and sound check. I approached someone on his team, Korede by name who gave a warm reception after telling him I am from Acada and I would like to have a chat with Sean. He took me to where he was seated and introduced me to the pop star, apparently this was my first personal encounter with Sean so it was fair to say I was star struck, we exchanged greetings and told him how much of a fan I am, dude was just too free and we chatted like we have been friends, told him I will like to have an interview with him and he asked me if I was in a hurry, if not, we can get to it and take advantage of every break from activities offstage and there we go.

Playfully we started what was supposed to be an interview but ended it up as a chit chat:

After the release of an incredible album, with decent hits to follow up, what was responsible for the loss of momentum in your career after hitting the high point?

He sat back in a relaxed mood and adjusted his chains with a long grin on his face and speaks with so much confidence, you know how stars do… “Feel free to call it a sabbatical leave, I decided to take a break, went out of circulation to rediscover myself, wanted to be clear on the direction I was headed and what I wanted to sound like. Right now, I am back to work. I just want to make good music as I keep evolving”.

Looking at the case of a lot of artiste who have towed this part, coming back has never been an easy task, how do you intend to get back on top of the game?

I dropped an EP moving forward and couple of tracks who am sure those who know what good music is all about appreciated, but I realise my presence is needed to get this songs to become monster hits, songs like Wasted, Pempe, Hit and Run are materials that would pass for a hit songs but it doesn’t just work releasing songs from abroad, now am back in the country putting in work with my team on top gear.

Do you think we will get a song as big as Sho Lee, and The Journey kind of album from Sean Tizzle again?

He burst into laughter and said “I haven’t even reached what I know I’m capable of yet.” I disagree with the school of thought that believes I may not be able to surpass the success of Sho Le. Rubbishing such insinuations, the Perfect Gentleman singer said, “Expect nothing but hits from me, there is a lot in the pipeline which I also can’t wait to share with you guys, but let’s take it one step at a time, my latest release “Lotto” is still fresh, doing well and getting rave reviews. As far as I’m concerned, my best is yet to come. However, there is no doubt that Sho Le was one of my biggest songs.”

Let’s talk about your new song Lotto, what inspired that?

Speaking on how his latest single, Lotto, came about, Sean Tizzle said, “Firstly, I’ll like to thank God for always giving me inspiration. I also acknowledge the producer, Finito, for the wonderful instrumental. He had sent me the beat a long time ago but I never listened to it. One day, I played it and fell in love with it, and that’s how the song came to life. I’m thankful that people like what I have been putting out. I’m also working on a lot of things; just keep your fingers crossed.”

What made you finally decide to have your own Headlined Concert?   

Like you rightly said, it’s been long overdue, it’s an appreciation concert for the supper fans who had stayed true over the years even at low points,  super shout-out to Playmode Music for putting this together.

What informed your choice of venue, why Shrine, not Eko Hotel, Intercontinental and the likes?

This whole music thing started on the mainland in Ikorodu, so mainland is just the perfect place to have such concert especially after I have been away for some time, we wanted to do Easter Saturday, after searching up the calendar, it coincidentally falls on the 420 world celebration day, we approached the management of Shrine and our proposition was welcomed with open hands, where is a better place to have such concert if not the New Afrika Shrine. A very big thank you to the legendary Femi Kuti and the management of Shrine for the support.

Do you ever consider taking a break when the buzz was high a wrong choice?

“I have no regret, you can tell from my recent materials, I have grown musically and also as a brand a lot has evolved with and around me, i.e my style, and I would like to think that my sound has gotten more unique over time, but the fans also have a huge part to play in how well they appreciate my works, because I try to put myself out but sometimes people tend to forget or ignore you when you are trying to get to the top. I have not failed music wise so I think it’s been a success and we keep working and keep getting better.”

Sean Tizzle

What were the things that got you busy while you were off the grid? 

While I was in the US, I took time to learn about the music business, it has always been about the music business for me, I was privileged to work with couple of creative heads in the hip hop scene, producers and artistes which one of them is Tory Lanes on my track Hit and Run, wrote couple of songs for artistes and make sure I keep fine-tuning my sound.

Let’s talk about fatherhood, what has the experience been like for you?

“Fatherhood has taught me to be more conscious of myself and my responsibilities. It is safe to say that my baby girl’s birth changed my life and being an amazing father is one of the most fulfilling experiences”.

Not only has fatherhood been a blessing to the ‘Sho Le’ crooner as a person, it has also been of immense benefit to his music craft.

“Yes, fatherhood has affected my music positively; it has given me more motivation to work harder”, he said.

He added that as at the time he became a father, nothing would have made him give up the opportunity.

“No; not at all, nothing would have made me give up the experience. It is a very important part of my journey”, he added.


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