1 Breast asymmetry: Asymmetric breasts are breasts that are unequal, both in shape and/or size.

Over 90% of women have dissimilar (unequal) breasts. But generally speaking, the dissimilarity is so faint that only a trained eye will be able to spot it.

However, some women still have theirs very obvious and easy to spot. In fact, even the nipples are dissimilar. If you doubt me, ask your male partners. They will confirm to you that indeed your nipples are slightly dissimilar.

But suffice it to say that is a pretty normal condition and it shouldn’t alarm you when it is discovered.

Now, note this: except you are breastfeeding a baby or you have always had asymmetric breasts from puberty, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if you notice a significantly asymmetric breast that develops.

Pregnant women usually have this tendency of feeding their babies more on one particular breast, which can lead to dissimilarity. This is type is usually temporary though and disappears after breastfeeding is stopped.

2. Inverted nipples: Inverted are nipples, also known as invaginated nipples, are nipples that fold or retract inwards instead of pointing outwards.


Depending on the time they develop, inverted can signify a serious medical condition e.g. If you have always had it from day one (born with it), then it is okay. Usually, if you get aroused sexually or gets suckled, the nipples pops out and becomes erect. This type of inverted nipples are not a cause for alarm. That’s how you were designed.

If however the inversion develops much later in life, then you should take it very seriously and have doctor check it for you.

An inverted nipple may likely be the result of something bad.

Usually, in a harmless inverted nipple, once you pinch the nipple as shown above, the nipple pops out. But in the other one, the nipple folds inward the more

The idea is that once you notice an inverted nipple, consult a doctor for examination. It may likely be harmless. But if for whatever reason, the nipple does not pop out after nipple pinch test, the doctor may request for other tests to make sure it isn’t caused by cancer.
3. Dimpled breasts: Dimpling of the breast is an abnormality. Normal, healthy breast does not dimple. If your breast is forming dimples, kindly go for check up. It could be anything ranging from breast lumps even breast cancer. So it is important that you have the breast or breasts examined by a doctor.

This is how a dimpled breast looks like…..IMG-20180404-WA0001

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