Best Beauty products Every woman must have

beauty products

Looking and caring for beauty of most women is the major thing. These beauty products is a must for every women must have.


Beauty Equipment:

It is the important item that is required to stimulate the face. It is available in the forms of gel, cream, liquid and powder. And flavours are rose, apricot, fuchsia or raspberry.

Dark circles, pimples, blemishes and redness on the face are called minor imperfections. Concealer is helpful to mask all these imperfections. That’s why this is known as a cosmetic camouflage.

Eye Cream:
It helps to reduce puffiness, soothe fine lines and the sagginess of the skin under the eyes.

You can choose any of the shades like cherry, crimson, cinnamon or candy apple flatters.

BB cream or Beauty cream:
It is a foundation, moisturizer, toner and multitasking agent which treats all kinds of blemishes and spots.

Deep conditioner: In an intensive and restorative manner, it nourishes fortifies and moisturizer the hair.

Face Wipes:
Before going to sleep, you can use this as a wet omelette to clean make up.

Sunscreen Lotion:
Harmful rays coming from the sun rapidly. When you are expose to the sun, these rays can cause  skin cancer. So, apply sunscreen to the body protect you from the sun.

Hair accessories:
You can use hair accessories such as head bands, hair bands, body pics, bun enhancer and hair scarf.

Multi- tasking brush:
It helps for many more purposes including concealer, lip colour and liner.

Finishing brush:
It helps to apply the foundation blush or powder. You can use baby shampoo and warm water for  cleansing.

Eye Lash Curler:
It is required for big beautiful lashes.

Wedge sponges:
It helps to apply liquid foundations On  the faces,  you can also use wedges for the nose and mouth area.

Cotton Swabs (Q – tips):
These are used  multipurpose cleaning like nail polish errors and mascara smudges. Apply eye shadows, eye liner are concealers with these cotton swabs.

Keep your eye brows neat and clean with these tweezers. It helps in pluck away hair stands fro chin and upper lip.

Brow comb:
Before twizzling the eyebrows, it is needed to comb and brush away excess eyebrow powder.

Eyebrow stencil kits:
You can get ideal eyebrows with eyebrow stencil kits. It gives you a different look to the eyebrows. It is available in different shapes and filled with eyebrow powder.



About The Author

Yetunde Onanuga is the Business and Advert Manager for Maverick Multimedia, publisher of Acada Magazine where she doubles as the Beauty and Lifestyle columnist. She’s also the creative Director of Beautyful Beauty Ventures; a Make-Up/MakeOver and Fashion and Style outfit, having make up for the likes of Iyanya, Tayo Shobola, Olamide, Olaide Bakare, Brain and Denrele Edun amongst others.

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